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3 Phase Industrial Air Source Heat Pump without Buffer Tank

1. High Cop: 3.3

2. Power Supply: 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph

3. Running temp: -25℃-43℃

4. Heating: 41℃ (Rated Water Temperature)

5. Heating Capacity: 37KW


Installation Diagram

It is easy to install MEIDIBAO EVI air to water heat pumps, shown as the following Installation Diagram:454564


Key Components of MEIDIBAO Fixed Frequency EVI Series Air Source Heat Pump




We care every detail on what you need!

       Super Low Noise: Silencer cotton for compressor and strong pads to avoid vibration

       Anti-corrosion: Aluminum edging                         

       Exellent Welding Guarantee No Leakage: Four-way valve of famous brands welding protection 

       Energy Saving: 30mm thickness foam pipe for insulation to prevent energy lost




Model         M-C37AEH
Heating Conditi on (A-12℃/W41℃) Heating(KW) 27.4
Power(KW) 11.3
COP (W/W) 2.42
Heating Condition (A-7℃/W41℃) Heating(KW) 33
Power(KW) 12.7
COP (W/W) 2.6
Heating Condition(A7℃/W45℃) Heating(KW) 37
Power(KW) 11.2
COP (W/W) 3.3
Power Type P/V/HZ 3/380/50
Air Way / Eject V-layer
Maximum Power/Maximum Current KW/A 17.25/34
Rated Water Temperature 41
Water Pipe Size MM DN40
The Nominal Hot/Cold Flow m3/h 8
Fan/Number of Compressors / 2/2
Noise A 63
Weight KG 480
Usage Environment Range -25 to 43
Dimension(L*W*H) MM 1480*900*1550

Simplicity Description


  Meidibao Fixed Frequency Commercial EVI Series are equipped with multiple technologies to improve its stability and reliability,which helps easily deal with extreme temperature challenges and ensure the stable operation.

  Minimum operating ambient temperature: -25°C 

  Maximum operating ambient temperature:43°C

  Compared with the normal heat pump,due to the technology of wide adjustment capacity,Meidibao Fixed Frequency commercial EVI Series makes the water temperature control more accurate and the temperature fluctuation smaller.

  Moreover, the technology also helps to solve the problem of noise and water temperature fluctuation caused by frequent start and stop.

  Meidibao Fixed Frequency commercial EVI Series adopt intelligent defrosting technology,which can determine the time of defrosting according to the operating conditions of the unit (running time,exhaust temperature),ambient temperature and thickness of frost,so as to achieve intelligent defrosting when it is necessary,which greatly shortens the defrosting time by more than 20% and ensures the high heating capacity.




Commercial Heat Pump Water Hearter


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