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  • Q What advantages do air source products compare with conventional boilers, electric heating and solar heating methods?

    High thermal efficiency is a large feature and advantage of air source water heaters. 
    Heat the same amount of hot water, the air source water heaters usage cost is only 1/4 of electric water heaters, 1/3 of gas water heaters, and 1/2 of solar water heaters. 
  • Q Why does air energy heat pump heater save energy?

    A The air source water heaters obtain a large number of free heat energy from the air. The power consumed is only the energy used by the compressor to carry the air energy. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is as high as 380-600%. 
  • Q What’s the air source heat pump principle?

    Compressor absorbs low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the evaporator, then refrigerant compressed to high temperature and high pressure gas.
    The high temperature and high pressure gas goes into the condenser through fan to exchange heat with the air, and condensed into cryogenic liquid in the condenser and give off a lot of heat.
  • Q How to place order and get the goods (import process)?

    1. Buyer select heat pumps what they want and sends contact info to Seller, then seller makes PI to buyer.
    2. Buyer confirms the PI and transfer money to seller.
    3. Seller sends products to buyer. Seller sends CI, BL, Packing list to buyer.
    4. Buyer takes the CI, BL, Packing list to fetch goods after the goods arrive.
  • Q Why Choice Meidibao heat pumps to cooperate ?

    1. Meidibao is one of biggest heat pump factories in Guangdong China, research and produce heat pumps from 2005.
    2. Meidibao lay emphasis on high quality and fast service with reasonable price.
    3. Newest designed, Professional product customization.
    4. Large daily production to meet client request shipment date.
    5. Better After sales service. 
    6. Focus on customer satisfaction, treat every customer carefully 


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