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Domestic Heat Pump

Meidibao's domestic heat pump with their quick heating technology, save up to 70% power. Meidibao's domestic heat pump is the most advanced water heating solution with a reverse Carnot-cycle that uses a refrigerant to trap the heat from the air, which is then transferred to the water inside the heat pump, thus heating the water.

A heat pump is an air conditioning condenser that is configured to work "in reverse" in the wintertime when heat is needed rather than cooling. You get a heater and air conditioner in one efficient unit. Our wide selection of air source heat pumps ensures that we have your heating and cooling needs covered, and our state-of-the-art products can save you an amazing amount of money on energy bills. Our inventory of heat pumps includes 220- and 420-volt units.


Commercial Heat Pump Water Hearter


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