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Electric 2.5 Ton Ground Source Heat Pump for Hot Water


With rated heating capacity 120KW and 2.5 ton hot water per hour High COP Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump for House Heating & Cooling


ground1water source3

water source4

water source5




KEY Components

        MEIDIBAO DC Inverter Water Source Heat Pumps use high quality components, such as       Panasonic,Mitsuibishi,Hitachi,Copeland etc compressors, Danfoss,HuaLu,SanHua etc Electronic                                  expansion valve and Wilo Para series circulating water pump, etc.

component pic




  We care every detail on what you need!

       Super Low Noise: Silencer cotton for compressor and strong pads to avoid vibration

       Anti-corrosion: Aluminum edging                         

       Exellent Welding Guarantee No Leakage: Four-way valve of famous brands welding protection 

        Energy Saving: 30mm thickness foam pipe for insulation to prevent energy lost



Simplicity Description

  Meidibao DC inverter water source heat pump utilize DC inverter technology and REPM compressor which running speeds can be adjusted follow the variation of ambient or water temperature, hence to regulate the output capacity with changeably, this can heat the storage tank or room much quicker than normal on/off heat pumps, and balance the water or air temp very precisely. 

  This also provides a very high COP as inverter system does not waste the energy.  By inverter technology of frequency changeable the inverter heat pump can increase the compressor speeds to be more than 5000rpm at very low ambient at -25℃. This can increase refrigerant mass flow rate to offset the source energy loss in very cold climate and keep an acceptable performance

  With rated heating capacity 120KW and 2.5 ton hot water per hour High COP Geothermal/Water Source Heat Pump for House Heating & Cooling

1. High Cop: 5.20(Rated working condition: heating: source side inlet/outlet water temp: 10℃/7℃, use side inlet/outlet water temp: 30℃/35℃)
2. Hot Water Temp: 20℃ to 65℃
3. Power Supply: 380V/50Hz/3P
4. Source Side Temp: -3℃ to 30℃
5. Heating Capacity: 120KW



Model M-D120WDH
Performance at W10/7℃,W30/35℃(EN14511-2 standard rating connditions)
Rated Heating Capacity KW 120
Heating Capacity Range KW 36-122
COP / 5.2
Rated Input Power KW 23
Performance at  W0/-3℃,W30/35℃
Rated Heating Capacity KW 108
Heating Capacity Range KW 32.4-110
COP / 4.2
Rated Input Power KW 25.7
Parameters of Main Components
Compressor QTY 2
Type Inverter
User Side Heat Exchanger QTY 1
Type plate exchanger
Source Side Heat Exhcanger QTY 1
Type plate exchanger
Sourrce Side Circulating Pump and Water Flow QTY Non
L/S 9.5
Use Side Circulating Pump and Water Flow QTY Non
L/S 5.7
Refrigerant g R410A
Throttle Device Type EEV
Parameters of Overall Unit
Functions  / Hot water+Room heating/cooling+Solarcontrol(change over automatically)
Control / LCD touch panel standard/internet,APP control alternative
Delivery Water 20 to 65
Power Supply / 380V/3P/50Hz
Noise Level db(A) 68
Color / Optional/default white


Product Category


Commercial Heat Pump Water Hearter


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